Review - what is the cost of an affair?

Ashley Madison cost and important stuff to know

What are the things that you need to know about this dating service?

The first tip you need to know is that this a Ashley Madison article. It is our view of the true cost of their membership services. Before you sign up and get a date, I suggest you read their privacy policy. For those people who don't know - is a "married but looking" dating place where you can meet women or men to have anonymous and fun relationship with and they respect your privacy. It is mostly meant for married (husbands or wives) people. Or attached individuals who are looking for discrete extra-marital sex on the side. In fact, their policy is "life is short, have an affair". This dating website does advocate cheating, so you must be ok with that. It contains about 30% women, and 70% men. I spoke to a female member, and she's told me that to initiate infidelity had helped her marriage. It's a tactic that's paid off, but I wouldn't promise it will work for the politics in your relationship. AM is not a scam, but it turned me into a cheater in an extramarital affair. I'm still trying to breakup with this girl.

Unlike other cheating dating sites (that charge a monthly subscription fee, or are no charge) they work on an on-going credit buying system. For example, let say you signed up and you start browsing through women's profiles. After some time, you find a user you want to contact or meet. Well, before you can contact them or even see all of their profile - you have to purchase membership credits. Each credit gives you the ability to send a specific amount of messages. Unfortunately, even if the male or woman member doesn't respond to your message - you don't get your credits back. This poses a big problem because some of the profiles are old or outdated. You should also know that this post was written by us, and we have no reason to give up their legit membership. It’s a lot like OkCupid like that.

As of now, Ashley Madison Pricing is :

credit values
We also know that 10 Credits = 1 email message. So if you buy 1000 credits for $249.00 - It is $2.49 to send 1 email. Or if you opt for their cheapest membership of $70 - you pay $4 / message. Throughout the period of a year, or a month, this can rack up quite a bill.

On the other hand, if no profile catches your eye - you don't have to commit any monthly bills to remain a member on the infidelity dating site, but you still have access to the chat feature. In addition, you can receive messages if the other party is trying to contact you. You can even reply to that person without paying. Whether this is a better membership system than other online dating sites is hard to tell. If you're a guy - probably not. If you're a girl - then yes. In any case, Ashley Madison does offer their affair guarantee. Which says that you will have an encounter within a period of 3 months, or your money back. We hope you enjoyed this Ashley Madison writeup and you got the info you were looking for. Share or write your story to us in a message.